hungry lizard

Play a lizard aiming to survive in a dangerous natural world. Dedicate yourself entirely to sacrificing the flux of time for the right moment.
In Hungry Lizard, it feels like we are seeing the world for the first time. Everything is so beautiful all at once. From so many angles.

ev production


a classic survival platformer in pixel art mastery

You only use the directional pad of the keyboard to navigate through the map, but the physic is precise and the lizard can move freely and stick on walls or trees to find the ideal path for his quest. He can also jump. It’s a cruel world and each action has to be chosen within the right moment of significance.

You can play slowly, and actually make a better score in staying in the first zone. You can optimize each movement. You don’t need to see the ending even though the game has a beautiful one. The concept is to continue playing, short or long runs, few or many points, the beauty is there nonetheless. 

You will eventually die. Each death is different and demands a moment of recollection and contemplation. You can restart the game or let it run for itself and take a breath, enjoy the graphics, the music, the physic, because it runs for itself marvelously.

Rising consciously evokes the presence by the absence, with its pixel art graphics and sound design elegantly blended into a Zen, minimal and spatial floating world, with the screaming of butterflies which reminds us of something else and which becomes the object of the fascination as if they only started to exist once death happened. 

The perfect adjustment of the décor, made of one scroll as in traditional Chinese paintings and printed in a single line in the form of a Haiku, brings back an emotional value and a deep fascination as it is a work of art in itself.

Hungry Lizard is a rite of passage: it brings back the violent passions and violent displeasures of the beginner in the world of convictions of the experienced player, and offers a new perspective of life and reality.


version 1.0.0​

Final version, released on Steam, Aug 31, 2021, and on Google Play Store for Android Smartphones on Dec, 24, 2021. Developped with GameMaker Studio 2.

beta version

Beta version, developped with Processing.

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